The 4 keys to email marketing

Automate and you will succeed.

Integrating your email marketing campaigns into the automation module will give you the possibility to schedule segmented shipments to each of the users according to their behavior, knowing in advance what is the right time to communicate and reaching each one at the ideal time .

With marketing automation you can configure your campaigns in such a way that a shipment is made automatically when a user performs a certain action on your website. And, of course, personalize the content of each shipment to achieve amazing results.  But that’s not all: automating mailing lists in Red Wing will also save time that you can use to optimize other aspects of your business, but you will also achieve clearer metrics that allow you to fully understand your results and know if you need to adjust something.

  1. Personalize

We can’t talk about automating without talking about personalizing . But personalizing is not just about including the name of each user in the subject of your email or choosing the template that you like the most for each campaign.

  1. Perfect frequency, perfect campaign.

When we talk about email marketing campaigns , arriving at the right time is not important, but fundamental. The key is to make the right amount of shipments and to contact users at the right time . And that’s why we thought of Contact Frequency Scoring , the ideal tool to make sure you don’t miss out on any sales while maintaining an excellent reputation.Finding the optimal frequency of contact will be a before and after for your email marketing campaigns and you can discover yours here .

  1. Metrics: knowledge is power!

Being clear about your goals and planning how to measure your results are two fundamental parts of your campaigns. The more exhaustive the information you have, the more precision you will achieve when making any type of adjustment.It is essential that you constantly analyze the results to gradually improve the quality of your shipments until you find the perfect way to reach each customer.