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Ok, this is going to sound cliché, but I felt into photography thanks to my dad.

I have always seen him with a camera, his camera.

I loved how I saw the world through the viewfinder.

It seemed unreal, like a movie. Without any film inside, the simple movement of the mirror coming up and down, in a fraction of a second, the eye in the dark… I was already taking photographs. Just for me. Just in my imagination.

As a storyteller
My approach is pretty simple. I observe. I wait. I walk. I click. That’s it. I truly believe in what I do. You need to believe in what I do. And together, we will make magic happen.

I think that photography is the best way to tell special stories, to show what I see and how I perceive my surroundings.

As a creative
Everytime I bring the camera to my eye, I make choices, and it involves the framing, the distance, the focal length, the background… All these choices are a part of me, of my work. This is how I want to tell stories, your story. No matter what gear I use. This is just a tool. Let’s concentrate on what is really important: you!

As an observer
I don’t interfere. It is all about spontaneity. People often say that they will not look good on the photos. Wrong! That is my part of the job. I started photography years ago by photographing total strangers in the street. And I still do it. So, I know how to make you comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the moment.

That is what I love.
That is what I do. Now, let’s make your day unforgettable.


French Destination Wedding Photographer France Europe Worldwide